Our typographic system is based on two different typefaces, each with a specific role to fill within the visual communication.


We have defined a typographic system with two fonts for different use. The functional type is used for information related, technical and practical content. The additional font, referred to as 'display type' is rounder and softer for more personal and emotional messaging.

The general rule for all written communication is to keep it simple, clear, informative and engaging. Always make sure that the layout helps to communicate in a clear and concise way. By establishing clear hierarchies of information, we make it easy for the reader to receive the message we want to give. All brand colours can be used for typography as long as there is sufficient contrast between text and background.

Lildog Brand Elements23
Lildog Brand Elements22

Functional typography

Objektiv MK3 is a sans serif font that is used for technical and informative content such as stats, app info and news. The font has features that visually reference the logotype, is highly readable and consist of several weights.

Lildog Brand Elements27
Lildog Brand Elements 333
Lildog Brand Elements28

Display typography

P22 Macinac Pro is our display typography, used to bring character and emotion to headlines. This font is available in several weights and italics. The rounded serifs is a great contrast to the other more technical typeface and should help separating the personal communication to the info based. The headline can have words italicised or bolded out if it has a clear purpose.

Lildog Brand Elements 222
Lildog Brand Elements25
Lildog Brand Elements26

System font

When the brand fonts cannot be installed in certain systems such as Microsoft programmes we use Arial as a backup font.


Below you can find the brand fonts as downloads.