The Lildog colour palette reflects nature, closeness, security, tactility and authenticity, working well both digitally and in print. The palette have contrasting shades allowing for variety and flexibility.

Primary colours

Lildog's colours reflect sustainability, nordic nature, seasons and the dog’s natural environment. The colours are carried through imagery and graphics. A trio of green works as primary colours, working both in digital and print, and supporting the grading guidelines of images. Lildog Green is the main brand colour and conveys nature, energy and sustainability. It should appear more often than the other brand colours.

Lildog Green
  • HEX #21401a
  • RGB 33, 64, 26
  • CMYK 73,23,80,27
  • PMS 554 U
Lildog Mid Green
  • HEX #b5cf8f
  • RGB 181, 207, 143
  • CMYK 26,2,45,0
  • PMS 578 U
Lildog Light Green
  • HEX #ebffc7
  • RGB 235, 255, 199
  • CMYK 14,0,32,0
  • PMS 2274

Secondary colours

Secondary colours are shared with all of Lilbit’s brands and support the primary colours. Our secondary colour palette includes white, black and two tints of beige as well as a light gray. These colours add a calm and clear backdrop to our primary colours. They can also be represented as physical materials, such as recycled papers or other sustainable materials in print, packaging or merchandise.

Lilbit Grey
  • HEX #e6e7e8
  • RGB 230, 231, 232
  • CMYK 0,0,0,10
Lilbit Beige
  • HEX #bdab94
  • RGB 189, 171, 148
  • CMYK 27,22,32,2
  • PMS 7536 U
Lilbit Light Beige
  • HEX #ede5d9
  • RGB 237, 229, 217
  • CMYK 3,4,11,5
  • PMS 7527 U
Lilbit Black
  • HEX #000000
  • RGB 0, 0, 0
  • CMYK 0,0,0,100
Lilbit White
  • HEX #ffffff
  • RGB 255, 255, 255

Colour hierarchy

Combinations of colours should be carefully selected. Below you have defined combinations that are ok to use. The primary combinations should be used on websites and main communication.

Primary colour combinations

Lildog Brand Elements 13

Lildog Green on light backgrounds

Lildog Brand Elements 16

Lildog Mid Green logo on Lildog Green background

Lildog Brand Elements 15

Lildog Green logo on Lildog Mid Green background

Secondary colour combinations

Brand elementer14

Lildog Green logo on Lildog Light Green background

Brand elementer17

Lildog Light Green logo on Lildog Green background

Brand elementer18

Lildog White logo on Lildog Green background

Monochromatic colour combinations

The logo is also available in mono versions. These are to be regarded as special variants of the logo and should only be used where colors are not possible, or are limited due to technical printing reasons.

Brand elementer20

Lildog logo in black

Brand elementer19

Lildog logo in white on black background


Below you can find colour profiles as downloads. Colours for print are defined as CMYK while colours for digital use are defined as RGB values.