Lildog name

To ensure that we build a recognizable brand it is highly important that we stay consistent when referring to our product.

When talking or writing about the Lildog tracking device, the main rule is that we always leave out the part about "tracking" and "device". We never say "the Lildog device" but rather "the Lildog" or "a Lildog".

To ensure that our users and customers understand that it is the actual device we're talking about, we might need to add some context in the form of images or text. Here's an example of context from the app:

Frame 399


  • Always use Capital L in "Lildog"
  • Simply refer to the Lildog tracking device as "Lildog".



  • En Lildog
  • Den Lildogen
  • Flere Lildoger


  • A Lildog
  • The Lildog
  • Multiple Lildogs