Lildog’s logo is established as the main identifier for the brand and should always appear in all digital and printed communication / surfaces. It is important that the logo is clearly visible, whether it appears in print, on packaging or digitally. Below you will be introduced to how to use the logo, what version to use and the optimal clear space when positioning the logo on surfaces.


The logo's round corners makes it optimal for both large and small size usage, conveying a friendliness and approachability. The logo exist in two version - one primary logo and one for use in small sizes. The latter should be used when the logo is set smaller than 40mm/120px in width. The logo has coloured version that makes it work in both negative and positive version.

Lildog Brand Elements 3

Lildog logo on light backgrounds

Lildog Brand Elements 4

Lildog logo for use in small size on light backgrounds

Lildog Brand Elements 5

Lildog logo on dark backgrounds

Lildog Brand Elements 6

Lildog logo for use in small size on dark backgrounds

Clear space

To ensure optimal appearance of the Lildog logo, it is important to have space and the right distance around the logo. We call this 'a clear space'. The image below shows the recommended amount of space around the logo. The minimum distance is set to be the height of the 'l' in lildog. More room will, in most contexts, create even better results.

Lildog Brand Elements 7

App symbol

Lildog's app symbol is a section of the logotype - the dog's tail. This app symbol can be used in colour or with image placed in the shapes. Colours can be reversed or updated throughout seasons. Lildog is only written as a username and should not be part of the icon. The name of the app must always be written in with a lowercase 'l'.

Lildog Brand Elements2
Lildog Brand Elements
Lildog Brand Elements4
Lildog Brand Elements3


Below you can find all logo files as downloads. Logos for print are defined as CMYK files while logos for digital use are defined in RGB values.