All our photos and moving images should capture the essence and value of our brand. Three types of images provide flexibility and cover the needs in our communication.
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Technical / Product


The bond between owner and dog is at the core of our brand. We celebrate the connection, the care and trust the two have for each other and want to capture this through intimate images, snapshots of moments shared, and mutual love. The images should feel honest, real and put the dog in the centre. The connection can be clear or it can be hinted through a homely environment, human elements etc. Variation is key; different situations, expressions, angles, crops and environment. From relaxing on the couch to exploring the outdoor surroundings, all images in this category are real, honest and filled with energy. The pictures should only be of healthy dogs and no pictures of short-nosed breeds. We also do not want to use pictures of dogs in leashes or cages. Dogs should be in a positive state, avoid images of dogs that are panting, licking themselves or yawning, which are typical signs of stress. When cuddling dogs do it in a gentle non forcing way.

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The dog in its right environment - nature. The images of your favourite companion in the nature should convey energy, focus, sustainability and joy. Humans can be present in the image, although not the main character, or through a hinted presence, such as a tossed stick, a leash etc. The nature should feel untouched, magnificent and real. Using Nordic nature we are able to build our brand story. These images create interesting contrasts through portraying different seasons, contrasting weather and time of day. If the dog is captured at home, natural elements should be present, for example house plants, wooden floors and furnishings with natural, tactile materials or in line with brand colours and colour palette.

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Technical / product

To showcase technical info we need studio images. These should be taken against neutral backgrounds in the colours of Lildog's secondary brand colours. The lighthing should be bright and without heavy shadows. The focus should be on the product and the dog's interaction with it.

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Colour grading

The imagery should have a warm feel which gives a slight hint towards nostalgia. The photography and moving image used in Lildog's communication should be graded to match its brand colours. This means that the green tones in the images should be edited to match the green values of the brand and the beige tones should have the same warmth as its secondary colours.

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