Lildog is a brand for everyone who loves dogs and wishes them the very best. Our aim is to help dog owners become even better caregivers. We develop a smart GPS-tracker that gives you the opportunity to know where your dog is, but in the long run, we also aim to give your friend a longer, happier and healthier life.

How? The tracker also collects data about your dogs temperature, sleep patterns, activity level and eating habits, so that you can track your dogs behaviour and get notified about potential health problems or injuries. We do this because we are firm believers that all dogs deserve access to quality products and services that improve their overall health and well-being, and that people have an obligation to treat pets with same amount of care and respect that they give to us. Lildog is safely, carefully and lovingly developed and produced in Norway.
Lildog Brand Elements

The visual identity

On these pages we will introduce you to the visual identity of Lildog. The system is shared with Lilbit's other brands, with colours and imagery identifying Lildog as a separate brand. The system is easy to understand and use, providing you with a coherent and consistent visual communication throughout all platforms.

Lildog brand elements58
Lildog brand elements54

Example of Lildog's visual identity