Lilbit is a technology company based in Trondheim, Norway. We are a team of hard working technologists with cutting-edge expertise in hardware, firmware, software and production. We share a common passion for creating products that strengthen the relationship between humans and animals and we genuinely believe that animals deserve as much care and respect as they give to us.

Our products aim to make life easier and better not just for animals, but for the people who take care of them, and for the world as a whole. Every product we develop is based on the very latest technologies for mobile networks and narrowband technology. All of our products are designed and produced in Norway. This is a conscious decision - it contributes to jobs and bring value to the local economy and community, something we are proud of.
Lilbit Brand Elements

The visual identity

On these pages we will introduce you to Lilbit's visual identity. The system is shared with Lilbit's other brands, with colours and imagery identifying Lilbit as a separate brand. The system is easy to understand and use, providing you with a coherent and consistent visual communication throughout all platforms.

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Lilbit Brand Elements 2226

Example of Lilbit's visual identity